T: +972 52 6600361 E: info@sivanroyz.com

Yes… I like to experiment. Good thing I am a textile designer.

I am fascinated by what can be achieved with a variety of materials – whatever bends or blends. I am open to any outcome surprisingly new and easy on the eye. I constantly ask myself  “What is my freedom within any technical boundaries?”

I draw my inspiration, whims and ideas mostly from Mother Nature and let my imagination run from there.

I created 3D pieces in my “Blooming Structures” project, creating a new technique and assembly method for objects such as purses and jewelry. These came to be objects that possess intriguing movement characteristics and mimic natures elaborate structural forms.

I also create custom print designs for clients around the world in fashion and home industries.

How  I create: drawing, sketching, photographing, silkscreen printing, fabric dyeing , laser cutting and assembling mixed media of  ink, pantone, water color, acetone and glues of all kinds – finished with a dash of computer editing.