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Daily Art Muse – Sivan Royz: Blooming Structures

For her graduation project in 2011 textile designer Sivan Royz created a technique using laser-cut layers of richly colored silk that allows her jewelry to move and change when touched, much like a living organism. I love the concept. See more at: http://www.dailyartmuse.com/2014/01/01/sivan-royz-blooming-structures-happy-new-year/

WGSN – S\S 13 CMF: Surface innovations

Bloomimg Structures by Sivan Royz Working alongside the WGSN-homebuildlife team, industrial designer Soojin Kang has taken an in-depth look at new developments of surface and materials to coincide with our spring/summer 2013 macro trends: Idiomatic, The Story of Now and Wonderlab. By matching the latest innovations in colour, material and finish to the design directions of each macro trend, we provide a clear navigation through product development – presenting four workable break-downs of each trend. http://wgsn-hbl.blogspot.co.il/2012/01/ss-13-cmf-surface-innovations.html

DeZeen . Blooming Structures

“These fungus-like purses are made of layers of laser-cut silk.Created by Israeli textile designer Sivan Royz, the pieces are slotted together with string. The tighter the curves, the darker the edges of the silk. Holes in the fabric line up to create cavities inside, suitable for holding items like a lipstick and mobile phone.” http://www.dezeen.com/2011/09/01/blooming-structures-by-sivan-royz/

Fast.Co.Design . Blooming Structures

“Not A Joke: An iPhone Case That Looks Like A Slithering Sea MonsterIt’s so theatrical and creepy, it wouldn’t look out of place at an Alexander McQueen show. We’ve come across plenty of inventive Apple accessories in our day but Sivan Royz’s laser-cut iPhone case is the first we’ve seen that approaches haute couture.” http://www.fastcodesign.com/1664549/not-a-joke-an-iphone-case-that-looks-like-a-slithering-sea-monster

Groopti Blog . Blooming Structures

“Sivan Royz, a young textile designer from Isreal is inspired by the world of blooming nature. In creating from her inspiration, she developed a new technique  in working with fabrics that has an interesting visual effect.” http://www.groopti.com/blog/index.php/uncategorized/sivan-royz-blooming-structures/

TrendHunter . Sea Creature Cases

“I am more than sure that Sivan Royz’s lastest creation is perhaps one of the creepiest iPhone cases out there. It happens to look like some kind of slithering sea monster that has been captured, dried and made into a tech cover. Of course, it is actually more than an iPhone case. Sivan Royz made sure to include a pocket that perfectly fits a Chanel lipstick as well. Clearly these are two items that Sivan Royz cannot live without.” http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/sivan-royz

DesignBreak . Textiled Blossom

“I’ve seen a thing or two in my life but Sivan Royz’s graduation project is out of this world! There is no doubt in my mind that this kid is gonna be a textiled star.  The way she layered these laser cut silk pieces made me stare at them for a long long time. Sivan named her collection “Blooming Structures” and I feel like there are no words to describe how amazed I am by this endless sensitivity and beauty.”  http://www.designbreakonline.com/2011/08/07/student-break-sivan-royz/

Design Milk. Blooming Structures

“Made of laser-cut silk pieces, these delicate objects are brought together by string, taking their shapes from nature. Sivan Royz is a textile designer from Israel whose latest project, Blooming Structures, is a beautiful series of textile sculpture that also double as jewelry and accessories.” http://design-milk.com/blooming-structures-by-sivan-royz/

Yatzer . Blooming Structures

“These beautiful pieces by Sivan Royz, a student studying textiles at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, take their shape and inspiration from the world of nature when in bloom. Building upon the geometries of nature, she relies on silk as the base fabric which is layered continuously to shape each piece.” http://www.yatzer.com/Blooming-Structures-by-Sivan-Royz

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